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What Do You See?

Your interpretation of the image to the left says a lot about your perspective on life. Some see it as the sun rising; others as the sun setting. There isn't a right or wrong perspective. But perspective makes a difference in how you describe the image. The same is true about your life. How you view your future will change how you plan for it! Let's discover the possibilities!

Viewing Life Through Four Lenses

Because life is multi-dimensional, we can't look at it through a single lens. That's where so many people make mistakes and get their lives out of balance. As we ReimagineNOW, we'll focus in on these four interconnected aspects of life and work together to think differently about each one.


Contrary to popular belief, creativity doesn't decrease as you age!

When we were kids, we used our imaginations to turn sticks into airplanes and mud into cupcakes. We believed we could do or become anything. Then we began a journey toward conformity. One by one, our dreams were abandoned. But, there's good news… our dreams are alive and well. We only need to reengage and empower them. Reimagining our futures means rediscovering our creativity and using it to make the future brighter than the past.


Many chronic illnesses are rooted in improper nutrition and exercise. Change the way you eat and move so you can change the way you live!

What you eat will either heal you or kill you. That's a fact that many people misunderstand. Rather than focusing on the quality of their food, they zero in on the quantity by counting calories. We'll show you how to make some adjustments to your thinking about food so you can be your best.


We don't live in a Hallmark movie but we can have a rewarding daily adventure if we think differently about community.

Community is important. We need to recognize the ways in which community changes through different life stages. The more we understand about relationships—how they work and how to create them—the better equipped we will be for a future that grows richer over time.


Work isn't something to be tolerated until we have enough years invested to quit. Work can be an expression of your gifts and passions.

This is another area in which there are a lot of misconceptions. Traditional models of employment are disappearing and new entrepreneurial options are taking center stage. The transition can be scary because many people depend on their employers to provide benefits and a pension. We'll help you see some viable (and proven) alternatives.

Dr. Terry Hadaway

Though supported by research, this idea is rooted in my personal experience. I’ve reimagined my future and changed everything from where we live, to what I do, and how I feel. At an age when many people think their best years are behind them, I believe my best years are still ahead. I invite you to join me and others on the journey.

Dr. Terry Hadaway Certified Brain Health Coach
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Average or Extraordinary—Which One Are You?

Too many people set their sights on being average. They believe that's their upper limit. So, they do what everyone else does and never unlock their potential. A life with regrets is far too common.

When people reimagine their futures, they visualize an improved quality of life in one or more of the eight key areas. They set aside limiting beliefs and rediscover the optimism and energy that helped fuel their dreams and aspirations.